• Why Beach Jobs?
    We think working from the beach is one of the best and stressless places to work. It can be difficult to find such jobs and therefore we created Beach Jobs: One place for all watersport and hospitality jobs at the beach. Making it easy to find your next full-time or summer dream job.
  • For who is Beach Jobs
    Basically for everyone that wants to work at the beach or on the water. It ranges from full-time jobs to summer work, but also freelance, internships and travel jobs.
  • How can I post a job?
    Sign-up via this link and use our easy jobs form to post your job.
  • Why is Beach Jobs not free?
    Beach Jobs will always be free for instructors and other people that are looking for a job. However we do charge a small fee for posting a job on our platform.
    We do this because we want to keep developing new features and make this platform as user friendly and high quality as possible.
    We don’t want to overflow the site with ugly advertisement or sell user data,
    so we ask this fee to cover our server and development expenses and to keep expanding Beach Jobs.
  • How much does it cost to post a job?
    It's totally free!
  • For how long will my job be displayed on the board?
    Your job will always stay on Beach Jobs. However it will move down the job list over time. So you might want to ‘put your job back to top’ every once in a while.
  • How can I change the information on my job post?
    Currently you can only change your job information by sending us an E-mail. In the future we will provide the possibility to update this information yourself.
  • Can I delete my job post?
    Currently you can only delete your job by sending us an E-mail. Note: This E-mail must be send from the same address as the job was posted.
  • Need more help?
    Contact us via E-mail, Facebook or Instagram.